Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Masterchef Challenge

My family decided to have a Masterchef cook off. There was only one rule and that was we had to make something that was featured on Masterchef. We asked a few friends to come be the "judges" who also had to pay $15 each to have a wonderful 3 course meal. The winner takes the money!

I decided to make the Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch sauce and Almond Praline. I rang up House, Victoria's Basement, Peters Of Kensington to order some dariole moulds. None of the stores had any left. I rang up the wholesale company who stock them and was told there are none left in New South Wales due to an overwhelming demand for them....due to Masterchef. Can you believe it??? So I wasn't the only one crazy enough to buy them just from the show. Anyway, I decided to order the only ones I could find. On Ebay....from Hong Kong. They did not arrive! So I had to make do with moulds that my sister-inlaw had. Bummer.

There was 3 of us and Amra made Julie's Pan-Fried Steak and Chips with Tarragon Salt. I'm kicking myself because I was so busy preparing my dish that I forgot to take photos of her plating! So sorry!!! Here's the recipe.

Justin went for the Walnut Crumbed Chicken with Vegetable Chips by Linda. Recipe here.

And I went with Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Almond Praline from one of the earlier pressure test episodes. Recipe here.
And the winner of the $75 and gloating rights....ME! And I must thank my husband as my sous chef! Check out my trophy too:

It's quite sad, I made the trophy for the winner. I fully expected Amra to win and even told her to put it up at work when she does. It's now sitting proudly on my dining room table ; )

Thanks for all getting together for a good laugh. With comments like "Beans were undercooked, as in RAW" and "my one looks like dog turd". I wonder which friend WON'T be invited to our dinners again.....huh Prem???

And thanks to the chefs for a good meal (we eventually got to eat the off cuts and left overs" and also thanks to my sister-inlaw & Justin for letting us trash their house, use their pantry and dirtying every single item of cutlery, dishware and utensil they own.

Now, what to do with my $75? Minus the $20 I spent on ingredients, minus $18 I spent on the moulds (which are yet to arrive). Total $37 left...

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  1. Hehe what a fun idea! It would be so much fun to eat or cook for one of these :)