Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fiji 2010

Wow, what a fabulous holiday we had in Fiji. One I would recommend to anyone that is willing to listen, especially if you have kids. There are hotels available for people who do not want any children surrounding them (honeymooners I presume), but if you are after kid-friendly staff, entertainment, packages, accommodation, food, etc then Fiji is definitely the place to go.

We stayed in a 3 bedroom villa at The Fiji Beach Resort & Spa Managed by Hilton. It was perfect. I could not find any fault in anything that was provided to us. A snippet of what the villa was like:

As you enter the villa (I should have moved the luggage bags but was too excited)
Our own kitchen. Back right there is the study. The doorway there on the left is a little nook where the fridge, washer and dryer is kept.
Back terrace

Private plunge pool with the Beach about 20m away

And of course the food....
Nachos at Hard Rock Cafe

Beef burger at Hard Rock Cafe

Crispy pork belly salad at Nuku (restaurant situated in the resort)
We ate here most nights because it was so convenient and the food was always so good.

Mahi Mahi (type of fish) cooked with coconut

Tuna with asian greens

Garlic, butter and pepper mud crab at Nuku
$FJD58 = $AUD32
Braised chicken with Ratatouille

Pork loin on a cabbage mash (that cabbage mash was so good, better than the pork. I could have happily eaten just the mash alone, but maybe 2 big bowls of it)

Chocolate Fudge cake with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge sauce

Beef in a butter sauce (not sure what greens they were)

Prawn salad

Can't remember what this was. Could have been Mahi Mahi again but cooked differently

Spaghetti Marinara

Chocolate shell with chocolate mouse and vanilla ice cream

Vanilla rice pudding creme brulee

Lemon tart

My little man enjoying some fine dining. Hopefully he'll grow up and appreciate food as much as I do.
Ahhhh good memories.....good food. Now back to reality and back to cooking again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aria Restaurant

Sorry for the tardy post. I've been on holidays to Fiji and I'm only just getting back into the swing of things. Before we left for our final HURRAH holiday (with baby due in May, we won't be going on any holidays for at least 2 years....hmmmmm we probably won't be fine dining for the next 2 years either!), we had a lovely dinner at Aria Restaurant. I've been wanting to try it for ages now and when I saw the dessert they made on Masterchef I definitely had to go. It took till now, thanks to my mother in law who offered to babysit Keane. And it was a gorgeous meal....everything tasted wonderful and it was so beautifully plated too. A winner in my books!

Our view to the right
Shame we weren't seated in the Harbour Bridge/Opera House area

Our view to the left

Something along the line of marinated salmon with dill and miso foam.
I didn't have any of this (being pregnant limits what you can eat ie I can't have the salmon because it's not cooked through and many many other limitations which I won't go into because I'll bore you....and itmakes me sad). Lucky for my husband he got to have my portion and thought it was unusual but very nice

Entree 1:
Roasted spiced scallops with prawn crisps, shaved fennel and a tamarind and date dressing.
Mmmmm I'm a sucker for scallops. There were so juicy and plump only thing letting it down was I thought they were a little over-spiced. But still a lovely dish

Entree 2:
Ballotine of rabbit, foie gras and capocollo with ginger bread, pumpkin and a pomegranite dressing.
I'm surprised my husband chose this one. But he loved it. And it was a very decent portion too especially when you have it with the ginger bread (a whole slice of bread)

Mains 1:
Steamed pink snapper fillet, beetroot puree, kohlrabi, green apple with crème fraîche.
This was perfect. I could not fault it even if I tried. Really beautiful flavours and fish cooked just right. I'm usually not a fan of having fruit with meat but the green apple really works with the snapper.

Entree 2:
Trevalla roasted with glazed witlof, chestnut mushrooms, white beans and a chicken jus.
Aria really know how to do their fish that's for sure. Crispy skin and moist right through.

We ordered a side of truffle mash. So so so good. Creamy and very satisfying.
Dessert 1:
Mango cheese cake with ginger crumble, lime jelly and lime sorbet.
Very light and a great way to finish off a meal.

Dessert 2:
Valrhona Chocolate - a rich chocolate délice with chocolate sorbet.
And of course there was no way I'd miss out on the Valrhona Chocolate. This was everything I expected and more. Totally fell in love. On the other hand my husband didn't enjoy this as much as I. He took one spoon and said that was enough. He could feel it clogging his throat.....amateur!!!!!!! I'm offended on behalf of Mr Moran hahaha!

Petit Fours:
Trying to remember back that far.....lemon curd tart, chocolate truffle and blackcurrent jelly
I can understand and appreciate why Aria was awarded 2 chef hats. The food and service really was right up there and I would not have expected anything less.