Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fiji 2010

Wow, what a fabulous holiday we had in Fiji. One I would recommend to anyone that is willing to listen, especially if you have kids. There are hotels available for people who do not want any children surrounding them (honeymooners I presume), but if you are after kid-friendly staff, entertainment, packages, accommodation, food, etc then Fiji is definitely the place to go.

We stayed in a 3 bedroom villa at The Fiji Beach Resort & Spa Managed by Hilton. It was perfect. I could not find any fault in anything that was provided to us. A snippet of what the villa was like:

As you enter the villa (I should have moved the luggage bags but was too excited)
Our own kitchen. Back right there is the study. The doorway there on the left is a little nook where the fridge, washer and dryer is kept.
Back terrace

Private plunge pool with the Beach about 20m away

And of course the food....
Nachos at Hard Rock Cafe

Beef burger at Hard Rock Cafe

Crispy pork belly salad at Nuku (restaurant situated in the resort)
We ate here most nights because it was so convenient and the food was always so good.

Mahi Mahi (type of fish) cooked with coconut

Tuna with asian greens

Garlic, butter and pepper mud crab at Nuku
$FJD58 = $AUD32
Braised chicken with Ratatouille

Pork loin on a cabbage mash (that cabbage mash was so good, better than the pork. I could have happily eaten just the mash alone, but maybe 2 big bowls of it)

Chocolate Fudge cake with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge sauce

Beef in a butter sauce (not sure what greens they were)

Prawn salad

Can't remember what this was. Could have been Mahi Mahi again but cooked differently

Spaghetti Marinara

Chocolate shell with chocolate mouse and vanilla ice cream

Vanilla rice pudding creme brulee

Lemon tart

My little man enjoying some fine dining. Hopefully he'll grow up and appreciate food as much as I do.
Ahhhh good memories.....good food. Now back to reality and back to cooking again.


  1. Bren looks like you had an awesome time! And some of those dishes look fab!

  2. I started to well up... I got excited with you haha. So glad you had an awesome time you totally deserve it and that food is to die for. A holiday with no problems or hick ups is the best. When Daniel and I went to Vanuatu the staff where we stayed was exactly the same. Extremely helpful and devoted to our happiness... xo Steph

  3. Yum! And did you say private plunge pool? That did manage to distract me from the food! :P

  4. Hi Elise - I did I did! Had one of the best times ever. I reckon it would be your type of holiday too : )

    Hey Steph - Thank you! The staff made it I think!

    Hi NQN - Hahaha! We were either in the plunge pool or eating. Had to make the most of it hehehe