Monday, November 2, 2009

Blood and Guts Pavlova - Happy Halloween

Australians don't really celebrate Halloween. Shame because it looks like so much fun but it's hard to get into the spirit of it when no else on your street does. I did put my little boy in a Halloween outfit....though it wasn't exactly scary. I bought a kung fu outfit for him and only ended up visiting my mum & dad and then my aunt. Did he even get any lollies? No. He got a biscuit and a couple of fridge magnets.....

So we tried to make up for it with a blood and guts pavlova.

You just can't go wrong with a pavlova (recipe here)
We used frozen raspberries (which ended up being a good idea because of that extra sauce in the bag creating the blood affect) and passhionfruit pulp. And don't forget the extra whipped cream too.
Maybe next year I can get more people into the spirit of Halloween.


  1. LOL - a very effective but delicious Halloween treat. Hope your little boy enjoyed himself.

  2. Hi Cakelaw - Thanks! Yes my little man managed to make the most of his biscuits and magnets hahahaha!

    Hi NQN - Thank you! I'm glad it turned out :)

  3. It's a shame that we don't celebrate Halloween much. Love your SCARY looking pavlova! Delicious yet SCARY!! lol!!

  4. hahaha, goo idea. Very tasty but still quite Halloween-y

  5. Hey Ellie - thanks for dropping by! Hahahaha, I love a bit of scariness in my cooking : )

    Hi Anita - Thank you! Got to try keep the little one happy....ok I lie, it was more for me...any excuse to have some cake LOL!

  6. Great treat for Halloween!

    Where I am from, we celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, it is less popular than it used to be :(

  7. oh man nothing beats a home made pavo!

  8. Blood and guts never looked so tasty :)! All of those berries look delicious on this treat.