Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fire Roasted Sweet Potato and the coolest invite I've ever received

We had another one of our coal BBQ dinners and we always follow with a log fire afterwards. This time however, my genius of a father suggested we should roast some sweet potatoes (he was reminiscing about the good old days in China and talking about street food and poor people's food). Apparently roast sweet potatoes was a poor person's food.

Anyway, we thought it would be amusing to try roast some ourselves seen as I've never attempted it before. I have eaten them in Hong Kong and they were lovely.

Dad popped back to our place with 3 massive sweet potatoes and we were in business!

Hmmmm which is the log, which is the sweet potato?

There are many ways to describe this.....burnt, charred, blackened.....among other names
Dad scraping the exterior

Broken in half to make sure it's cooked

These were great! Probably not as good as the ones in Hong Kong but I was happy how they turned out. I was really expecting to fail big time. Wonder what I should try next time? What other things can you roast on a fire?
Something totally different.....I got the coolest invite ever:
Front of invite

Back of invite

Surprise surprise, I got a golden ticket!

Best part about the invite......I get chocolate!! Woo hoo!!!
Awesome invite. Thanks Oxford, you guys rock!


  1. Hehe what a cool invite indeed! :D and that definitely looks like a fab way to eat sweet potato!

  2. mmm i love sweet potato esp with brown sugar and cinnamon :D

  3. Hey Suze - Oooo never tried it with brown sugar and cinnamon before....interesting.....