Friday, August 14, 2009

Home Made Yum Cha Feast

Amra (who has just started her food blog MyCamboKitchen) is an amazing home cook. She always manages to make something very ordinary taste really good (except her one off night at our Masterchef Challenge, which was to my advantage ha ha!) Sorry Ams, we aren't going to let you live it down just yet. But apart from that one night, everything else she's ever made has been fantastic. So when she asked us over for a Yum Cha Feast we were ready and revving. One thing though, we had to each bring a dish as well. That was fine by me because I'd made my egg tarts twice by then and I was confident they would be even wrong was I....more on that later when you see the photo.

First up was Justin and his Sui Mai dish. How great do they look? And they were pretty darn tasty too!
Close up of the Sui Mai

Amra's chicken wings (I loved these and it was such a great idea to skewer them)

Prawn chips

Amra made salt & pepper squid (always a winner)

Kuny made spring rolls (a major hit with the kids and the adults)

Ergh....and my egg tarts. Let me dear dear husband (god love him) tried to help me but accidentally flicked the oven switch on grill instead of fan bake so the custard bubbled up and cooked too fast (more like burned), whilst the pastry crust was undercooked. So here are my pathetic egg tarts......
Amra's mother made chicken feet!!! These were just like the ones at yum cha

She also made friend rice (I love her fried rice)

My aunty made Lor Bak Go (this is the uncooked picture)

And the cooked slices.....I had about 6 slices....mmmmmmm

And the spread. There was so much food we couldn't fit it all on the table.
Just realised, right at the front there, my mum made chive dumplings which I forgot to take a photo of....grrrrrr

What an awesome lunch! Thank you so much for inviting us over to your place, Amra! xoxoxo


  1. Wow, awesome feast! I love that Lor Bak Go. Lol. It's so bad, but so good. Are you cambo as well?!

  2. great job. really looks like an all you can eat yum cha. dream come true!

  3. Well done on your DIY yum cha! It looks spectacular and with just the perfect range of food :)

  4. Hey Betty - I love Lor Bak Go too, but I prefer it without the shrimps. No I'm not Cambo, I'm Chinese : )

    Hi Simon - Hehehe it does look like an all you can eat. We didn't waste any of it either : )

    Hi NQN - Thank you! I don't think we could have handled anymore than that anyway

  5. Oh gosh looks like an awesome spread...oh gimme a recipe for prawn one here even knows what they are and how do you explain those??HAHHA I think one day I might fly over for a visit just to eat!!HAHA

  6. yum! i'm craving yum cha now...! ahaha thanks for the plug Bren

  7. OH yes, the one with the shrimps is so good! With a bit of chilli sauce too! Hehe. I thought you might have been! My parents were born in Cambodia, but we're Chinese - so Chinese/Cambodian I guess!

  8. Hey Lisa - I don't have a recipe for prawn chips sorry. We buy it in packets and fry it up in oil. Give me your address and I'll send you a box to try! Hang on I'll go message you now...

    Hi CamboKitchen - He he he just keep posting more stuff...I know where you live....LOL

    Hi Betty - Totally agree, you have to eat it with chilli sauce. Cool! Can you post some Cambo recipes? : ) I'd love to try some