Friday, August 21, 2009

Sticky Date Pudding and Butterscotch Sauce with Almond Praline

I know I mentioned this recipe before but it's so good it deserves it's very own post. Well, it's good when I can acutally make it. The other day it took me 5 (yes FIVE) attempts to make the almond praline. On the fifth attempt I told my husband that if it didn't turn out this time, I was never going to make it threats worked hehehe.

I also wanted to test out the pudding moulds that finally arrived through Ebay from Hong Kong (ordered them mid June!). So here it is:

What's better than one sticky date pudding? 4!


  1. Oh, this looks awesome! I never used to like sticky date pudding until my friend made an amazing one and I fell in love! Hehe - looks like your threat with the almond praline worked!

  2. The wrds "Sticky date pudding" had me salivating - and when I saw your photos, I wanted to rush over for pudding! Just gorgeous Bren, and your praline makes it extra special.

  3. I love your beautiful plating skills... hehehe I sound like a masterchef critic. Anyway, the cake looks soo good, and ooh the sauce. I'm a sucker for praline, so all in all, looks like agreat cake.

  4. Hi Betty - Thank you! Yes, I wasn't a sticky date pudding fan before either, but I'm hooked now :)

    Hi Cakelaw - Awww thank you!! Maybe the fifth attempt at the praline was worth it afterall hahaha!

    Hello linda - I'm glad I copied the Masterchef photo then hahaha! Oh the sauce really makes the whole dessert : )
    Thank you linda!