Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sea worms, chicken hearts, turtles, crocodile....ehhh you Asians eat this stuff???

Yes we do eat this stuff....not I though....and not in Sydney.

I'm taking you back to my China trip and I know it seems like ages ago but I had so many fantastic meals and each one was so different and unique. I might slowly go through all of them....if I can be bothered.

Thanks Steph for reminding me about all the food I did have in China and I should blog about. Here's another experience I just had to share.

In Sydney Chinese restaurants we have the regular fishtank with maybe some carp or lobsters or crabs, nothing compared to the animals readily available in restraurants in China. Even their fish tanks are bigger.

These are a few of the live animals on offer for you to order:


Sea Worms

Chicken Hearts

And the worst one of all....a live crocdile

He was all caged in and taped up. It was so sad. You would NEVER see this here - thank goodness for that!

Makes you wonder though doesn't it. If you feel sorry for the caged crocodile, shouldn't you be feeling sorry for the live lobsters, fish, prawns or crabs that a bound up and and shoved in a fish tank ready to be eaten?

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  1. Your posts are so gross but I am drawn to read them to better educate myself!! Poor animals... BUT we gotta eat!!

    xo Steph