Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding

It was my first attempt at roast beef. I've always preferred either roast lamb or pork because beef seemed the hardest to cook perfectly out of the 3. But after making it this time, I'd definitely give it another go. I can't take all the glory for this dinner because Larry acutally did the roast beef and gravy while I did the yorkshire puddings and greens. We cook together regularly.

Dish looks burnt but it sitll made a really lovely gravy using red wine and some beef stock. Here's the recipe. I omitted the roast vegetables because I wanted to use up my green beans and zucchini instead. And I didn't make the horseradish cream.

We overcooked it a little, would have preferred it to be closer to medium.
Yorshire puddings didn't turn out like most of the pictures I've seen. Shouldn't there be a little hole in the centre? Regardless, they are still good for mopping up the gravy with.

And final plating....ahhh....I'm not a MasterChef ok....and I'm never going to be a chef so the plating.....well...... really is very very sad.


  1. This looks like the perfect Sunday dinner.

  2. Oh I miss my Mams Sunday roast dinner....its too hot in summer here to do it...but your pics make me want one...what cut of beef do you use? Do you have a "popover" tin to make the york puddings? that'll give them the look....I love Curtis Stone he uses popover tins for all kinds of stuff...

  3. Hi Jeanette - thanks for stopping by, I love having roasts on the weekend

    Hey Lisa - I used Sirloin I think. I've never heard of a "popover" tin, must investigate. I just used a regular muffin tin for these