Saturday, June 11, 2011

My first 3 tiered cake

Expecting 52 guests at my daughters first birthday, I decided to up the ante and make a 3 tiered cake. I have never even made a 2 tiered cake before but after pouring out the batter in 2 tins there was still some remaining so I thought what the heck, let's just make a 3rd and see how we go.

I went with a simple plan so I wouldn't be too stressed out. Inititally I was going to do a full on dessert table but quickly had to scrap that idea. Maybe next year.....

Anyway, the cake didn't turn out how I quite imagined it (think flowers cascading down the tiers). Non the less.....I didn't burn the cake at least and it wasn't a total eye sore.

First up, making the fondant
My easy recipe found here

Dying it pink

After that, it's just a matter of kneeding and mixing and then rolling it out ready to press out the flowers

I found a set of 4 blossom cutters from Ebay where you press the piston and the flower pops out perfectly (even leaves an indent in the middle for the cachous)

That's the one lonely flower...

And here's another 100 more

The little flowers

The big flowers

The flowers will need a couple of days to dry out completely so they are easily manageable.

Assmbling the cake:

Bottom tier
(I so need to invest in an angled cake spatula...wink wink....husband who never reads my blog, but I'm sure someone can forward on my request)
Middle tier (oops forgot to take a photo of the top tier...guests were starting to arrive and I was getting into a slight panic at this stage with the cake unfinished and the handmade decorations still to put up)

So the end result

Haha see, definitely not the cascading effect I had in my head, but oh well. As mum said, "It looks rather.....simple", to which I replied "Um....yeah that was the look I was going for" haha!
Still, it was a fantastic day and we were just so so lucky to have good weather after such a terrible 2 weeks of downpour.

Thank you to our amazing family and friends who helped us make Miss C's birthday extra special. She was utterly spoilt with love and gifts!

Happy 1st birthday precious!
All our love and big hugs and kisses to the best girl ever!