Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steak Cake

This was what my friend Amra wanted for her birthday....a steak cake. With specifics like it had to be red velvet, cream cheese frosting to go with it.....and I think she even asked for mushroom sauce...but I had to stop her there! Anyway, this was what I ended up with by the end. With enormous help from my husband and my best friend Prem - thanks guys! What would I have done without your help? Definitely wouldn't have managed on my own!

I baked the red velvet the day before and had to rush the decorations on the night of Amra's birthday after work so we wouldn't be too late for the party (took the 3 of us a little over an hour - most of the time taken to dye the fondant brown). It was worth it though. The look on her face (and the mound of food we were fed) was priceless : )

Red velvet mixture - matches my mixer ha!

Cooking in the oven

Straight out of the oven - wow! It was redder than I expected. Well I did use a whole bottle of food dye (50ml)

Cream cheese frosting

Rump steak - red velvet cake with dyed brown fondant
Mash potato - cream cheese frosting
Peas - dyed green fondant
Dutch carrots - dyed orange fondant
Happy birthday my wonderful friend!!!!! I hope you had an awesome night AND I can't wait till my birthday *wink wink* hahahahah! Just kidding!!! xoxoxo
Bren's easy fondant:
450g icing sugar
1 egg white
50g glucose syrup (from Woolies) or liquid glucose (obtainable from chemists)
Food dye
1. Thoroughly sift the icing sugar, put it into a bowl, and make a well in its centre.
2. Add the egg white, liquid glucose and food dye.
3. Beat all the ingredients together with a wooden spoon, scooping up all the icing sugar from the edges of the bowl.Knead the mixture in your hands, with some extra icing sugar to prevent it sticking. Add more food dye at this stage if the colour is not right and knead it really well to mix it in properly.
4. When it is soft and smooth, wrap it in a polythene bag and store it in a cool place until required. Knead it again just before you use it.


  1. "served rare" HAHAHAHAA dude that steak cake is awesome!

  2. hehe that's awesome. for a second there i thought it was a real steak. well done! :-)

  3. CONGRATS.......this looks brilliant FANTASTIC IDEA

  4. LOL I love it! This is a brilliant idea and nice touch using red velvet for that rare steak :0

  5. Wow! Hehe. Love it!! This looks awesome!! Good work!

  6. Hello Suze - Awww thanks!

    Hey Simon - Hahaha it does look like a real steak at first glance. Thank you!

    Hey Helle - thank you so much for your kind words!

    Hi NQN - Thanks! It's your favourite, red velvet ; )

    Hi Betty - Thank you very much! : )

  7. This looks great Bren - you did a fab job!!

  8. Carlos showed me this ( I think he reads your blog more than I do!!) and I honestly didn't get it... then the spark ignited and I burst into laugher...

    xo Steph

  9. Thanks Cakelaw!

    Hey Steph - Hahahaha thanks for your support Carlos!

  10. Hi there! A work colleague sent me a link to this post encouraging me to make a steak cake for my husband's 30th! I've linked you onto my blog regarding my attempt, and just want to say thanks!

  11. i clicked on a link to see easy fondant?

    1. Hi, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and the recipe for my easy fondant is there