Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black Forest Cake

Firstly, sorry to Steph, Craftschmaft, NQN and Cakelaw. I couldn't respond to your comments in the previous post because there is something wrong with that particular post. Everytime I tried to reply it kept saying error. It was very furstrating and I hope it doesn't happen to this post or any future ones. Does anyone know where the blogspot helpdesk is? ; )

Anyway, on with the black forest cake I made for my hubby for Fathers Day. This wasn't a hard cake to bake or decorate. In fact I found it rather fun. Here is the recipe I followed, but made some adjustments to (such as not cutting each sponge layer horizontally to make 4 layers in total and using chopped chocolate biscuits to decorate the sides)

1st layer - chocolate sponge with cherry brandy drizzled over it (my local Woolworths Liquor store didn't have Kirsh so I went with another brand of cherry brandy)

2nd layer - cream and cherries

3rd layer - another chocolate sponge with more drizzles of cherry brandy
Ta da!!!! Whipped cream all over with curled chocolate in the centre and cherries for decoration. Oh and on the side I used crushed chocolate biscuits (Arnotts brand)
Sorry for the dark photo

This is an oldie but a goldie. I will definitely make this again, but add more cherry brandy to it next time ; )


  1. I want a piece of this now! It looks amazing.

  2. I've never had blackforest cake before but this looks so good, I want to make it too!

  3. Oh that lokos fantastic! Just as gorgeous (or even more gorgeous) than black forest cakes I've seen in stores! :o

  4. Hi Nikki - Thank you!

    Hi Von - You've never had black forest cake??? You are missing out ; )

    Hello Halle - : )

    Hi NQN - You are too sweet! Thank you