Thursday, June 9, 2011

LGM Alien Cupcakes (Toy Story)

I'm back! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted on here. It has been a very very hectic couple of months with moving to a new house, settling in, the son starting pre-school, both kid's having their birthdays within a week of each other (my daughter's being her first birthday so the party was a big deal....for me anyway hehehe), no internet because of (shall I name and shame?)....TPG with their overseas customer service reps who are incompetent and unreliable.....yes I am full of excuses. So anyway lets start off with a nice easy one today shall we......

No surprises that my son loves Toy Story. He initially requested a Woody cake, but after a couple of weeks convincing him that the LGMs (Little Green Men) are better, he finally came around to the idea. I suppose telling him that I could make heaps of them, rather than just one Woody mostly swayed him ; )

I found the alien cupcake details here, but clever me forgot I wouldn't have internet access after I moved and I only saved the link and photo to my laptop and not the whole list of ingredients. Still I went to Woolies and put together what I thought was the right stuff. And lucky I didn't go by that recipe because what are green apple sour belts?? Or apple sour straws??

I used a simple vanilla cake recipe and of course any plain cupcake recipewill do too.

For decorating the cupcakes you will need:
Butter cream icing (250g butter, 1 cup icing sugar)
Blue and yellow food colouring
White marshmellows
Spearmint leaves
Edible black wirting gel
Green musk stick

The cupcakes (no your eyes aren't deceiving you, there are 2 sizes)

Green butter cream
You will need a lot more yellow than blue colouring to give it that real neon green colour

Pop on 3 white marshmellows for the eyes

Stick 2 leaves in - one on each side for the ears

Dot the eyes with the black writing gel
And for the mouth

Or squiggles

And finally top it with a green musk stick
I found a pack of musk sticks in various colours and just picked out the green ones. You'll be hard pressed to find only green musk sticks. I tried to look for roll-ups (remember those?) but they only had them in the "normal" colours like red for raspberries

Same but different....

And here he is enjoying his LGM cupcake
Happy 4th birthday!!!


  1. That is brilliant and so very much like LGM! I hope he had a fabulous birthday :D

  2. Awww these are so cute! Hope your son had a fantastic birthday!

  3. Hi Lorraine - Thank you so much!
    Hi Helen - Yes he did have a fantastic day, thanks!