Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ever since my second pregnancy I've been constantly craving donuts, even now after giving birth. I am just loving the doughy, fluffy, deep fried, sugar and cinnamon coated balls of fat. Is it the most unhealthy snack out there? Bar the deep fried mars bar....or the deep fried Krispy Kreme Burger.....yeah that was pretty sickening....even for me.

Anyway since I can't make a donut as good as Donut King, I tried to make churros instead, which turned out to be a real success. Detrimental to my waistline (especially when I've got the excess post pregnancy weight I should be losing) but I just can't help it. These beauties are irresistable. Recipe is here.

These aren't as good as the ones from Jas My Waffles which I've posted about here. But a pretty good substitute and would be even better if I had the right tip for my icing bag.

Churro dough
Frying the churros

Fresh out of the oil and into the sugar cinnamon mixture

A whole plateful!! Yum!

And a drizzle of chocolate sauce just for good measure.
Absolutely to die for!


  1. the last picture is SO much better when you click on it and make it HUGE! haha
    good job Brenda, these look impressive!!

  2. oh wow. you did this yourself. looks excellent. i never would think of attempting to make it myself so i just head to san churro. well done! :-)

  3. They look great Brenda! But I agree, the success of them is perhaps not great for the waistline but great for the tastebuds! :D

  4. Hey Elise - I didn't even know you could click on the picture and enlarge it!! Eeek now I have to be even more careful with what photos I use

    Hi Simon - Thank you so much! I can't get out much LOL!!

    Hi Lorraine - Well you know, I do it for the blog ; )

  5. These look delish!!! Gotta love churros, especially on a cold winters day.

  6. Hey Cakelaw - Too right! Hmmm maybe next time make a pot of hot chocolate too hehehe