Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What to do when you try to jump on board the macaron craze and try to make them yourself, but fail miserably? TWICE?! Go back to an easy, humble and most importantly a reliable recipe that makes you feel like you can bake afterall. I don't know what I was thinking trying to make macarons myself. Everyone has been making them (inspired by Masterchef surely) and I thought, heck why not, I should be able to do them. Boy was I wrong! I'm not giving up on them entirely, I'm just taking a break from it until I build my confidence up again. Little suckers! I'll combat them one day....just not anytime soon. So what do I do instead.....Oh Martha Martha Martha.....thank you Martha. Her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is awesome! Thank you for restoring my faith that I can bake! Ok so the recipe is not that hard......anyway, on with the photos.

Mixing the cookie dough.
Ha ha my little man makes me laugh every day. He's been paying very careful attention everytime I make something. He's now running off to grab his toy camera and taking "photos" of our food like I do. God love him! He's a food blogger in the making ; )

I prefer to just dollop them out with two tablespoons. I can't be bothered rolling each one perfectly, plus it's the rustic look ; )

Freshly out of the oven

A whole massive plateful to enjoy!

Martha called hers "Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies" but I don't think they are chewy. They are indeed soft though. I halved the quantity of chocolate chips, 2 cups seemed way too much, but each to their own. A delightful recipe which is both easy and results are wonderful. Loved these cookies so much and will definitely be making them time and time again.


  1. Nice to see a good old fashioned favourite! If I see one more blog on macarons I'm going to scream. Go Martha!

  2. naw what a cutie! get them blogging young hehe

  3. Hi John - Hahaha now I don't feel so bad that I didn't post up a macaron recipe ; )

    Hey Suze - I'd be just as proud if he became a food blogger : )