Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Made Pasta

I've was contemplating on whether I should buy a pasta maker or not recently. It looked easy enough to prepare the pasta, but would I make use of it? Would it just be a fad I was going through? Before I got the chance to buy one, my wonderful aunt comes over one night (at 10pm) excited to give me this pasta maker she won in a raffle! When she saw that the pasta maker was one of the prizes she bought 200 raffle tickets to try and win it for me. I asked her how much is 200 raffle tickets worth....she said $20.....I think she is lying. Either way, I'm very thankful and eager to try it out. Mind you I think my husband was more excited about it because he started on the pasta the very next day while I was out shopping for pasta sauce ingredients. I came back to a cursing, flour covered husband about to throw the machine out. He's since fixed the fault but it took quite a while to make approx 500g of pasta, I think it took us around an hour....when you compare it to the guys on Masterchef who say they can make it in 7mins!
5 eggs
500g plain flour

Thin setting

Now that the machine is fixed and works properly I'll be happy to make more of my own pasta. I'll still keep some pre-bought dried ones in the pantry but making your own is great as long as you have it fresh.
We made a pasta Bianco for our first batch of home made pasta. Up next.


  1. yum ive always wanted a pasta machine too! sounds like hours of fun creating different types!

  2. Hey Suze - It was very rewarding in the end : )