Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chilli Jam Thai Restaurant

This is my new favourite Thai restaurant. Tuk Tuk Thai in Balmain use to be my favourite, but it's a bit far to travel and parking is a *bleep*. However, if I was venturing that way to Balmain Markets or Adriano Zumbo it would be worthwhile to grab their Chicken Green Curry.

We discovered Chilli Jam one day whilst walking down Majors Bay Road and eating gelato sussing out the restaurants and cafes we could visit in the near future. There are many to choose from but Chilli Jam caught my eye. With the really modern furnishings, funky atmosphere and not to mention it was packed full of patrons. I knew I had to go back to try it one day. So when my in-laws (this going back to the beginning of the year now. Yes how late is my post!) came for a visit we decided to try Chilli Jam.

The prices I have put up are from the take away menu. I'm pretty sure the eat-in price is more

Chicken Satay Stir Fry ($12.90)
Chicken Green Curry ($12.90)

Pineapple Fried Rice ($16.90)

Marinated Lamb Cutlets in Garlic and Pepper Sauce ($19.90)
You only get 3 pieces which is rather disappointing

Chinese Broccoli with Marinated Pork

It's a great place for a casual dinner. I'd even suggest taking someone here for a first date. Casual and friendly with lovely food and it's not pretentious at all (plus it had that "mood" lighting haha!). And if the date goes really well, extend it by offering to go for gelato afterwards just down the road ; )


  1. Hehe I've been to Chilli Jam a few times, I quite like it as well. And it's definitely a good idea to grab gelato afterwards!

  2. Hehe I have a strange and kitsch love for food served inside fruit or stuffed vegetables! :D Thanks for the recommendation Brenda!

  3. Hi Betty - Have you written a review on it? I'd love to read about it.

    Hi Lorraine - Yes it's cool hey? Somewhat worth the extra $$ : )