Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Butt Cake - Happy 30th Birthday Laurence!!!!

Is it mean that I dedicated a "Butt Cake" to my husband for his 30th birthday? I was tossing ideas for ages planning for his special occasion. There was mention of golf, a golf ball, putting greens with flags, soccer ball cake, soccer cupcakes, a numbered caked, etc. They are all him, but this seemed a lot funnier. And there is a bit of a joke when it comes to his butt-crack. You see, he's quite the handy man and I think anyone that has been around him while he's doing these odd jobs around our home, or their home, would have had the pleasure of seeing this view. Hahahahaaha! So when I googled cakes for inspiration, I came across a couple and based it on their versions. I was intending to add a tool belt with tools hanging off it and a spanner in his back pocket, but that didn't turn out and I was running out of time with all the rest of the preperations I needed to get done. So this was the end result. It did definitely get a good laugh. And my hubby was a very good sport about it all.

The final result

Butter cream frosting

I had baked the butter cake the night before because I knew I'd be short on time. I doubled the mixture because this tin is an extra large one (I think it's 12 inch pan from memory)
I tried to carve the sides to round it off a bit and then used these crumbly bits on the top of the cake to give it a "fuller figure"

After spreading the butter cream frosting

First layer of fondant - the actual butt cheeks.
I was quite frustrated already at this stage because my fondant kept cracking. You can probably see the crack (HAR!!!) on the left butt cheek. It was the best I could do because I had rolled and re-rolled this fondant at least 5 times already. I figured most of it would be covered so I should be safe enough.

Second layer of fondant - white t-shirt.
At the top of the cake. This was the easiest part of decorating because it was plain white so I didn't have to dye it and knead it.

Last layer of fondant - blue jeans.
After abondoning the idea of a tool belt and tools, I changed it slightly to have a waste band with loops instead.

I was quite pleased with my end result. However, the cake itself was a bit too dry. Since I had to double the quantity, the timing was a little wrong on my part and I overbaked it. Also, I needed to use more butter cream frosting (1/2kg was not enough). Still, overall I was happy enough. And people still ate it whilst laughing away. That's successful to me : )
Happy 30th Larry!
Love you with all my heart!


  1. dude that butt cake is freaking hilarious hahaha love it!

  2. Omg! This is brilliant! I love it. The blue jeans look awesome :) Well done!

  3. hilarious. so funny yet so wrong to be eating it. so glad you didn't use chocolate cream inside ;-)

  4. *Applauds loudly!!!* Hail the Buttom-normous Cake Maker!!

    xo Steph

  5. LOL I LOVE this! Oh my, can I do one too please? :D

  6. This is fabulous Bren!! You did a terrific job - one of the best cakes ever.

  7. Hey Suze - Thank you!

    Hey Betty - Thanks, don't know if I would attempt it again though

    Hi Simon - Hahahah you know I considered making chocolate cake....but yes you are right, it seemed wrong : )

    Hey Steph - Hahahahahha!!! Yeah I know you want a piece of it LOL!!!

    Hi NQN - I would love to see you do one hahahahah!! You'd get it spot on for sure!