Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swissotel - My Baby Shower

How awesome is my sister-in-law Chhay and my best friend Prem?!
Prem rounded up the troops and Chhay arranged to have my baby shower at Swissotel and also organised these party favours. Aren't they the coolest party favours you have ever seen?

Inside the "oven" is a bun candle

High tea buffet at Swissotel ($39 per person)

Crowd favourite. It was a coffee cake of some sort.

My first plate

My 3rd plate....lost count after that.....

For a buffet high tea, I thought this was worth it considering all the other places Chhay looked up were around the same price for a normal high tea (ie not all you can eat) and being the glutton that I am, I definitely wanted buffet....I mean if you are going out you have to go all out, come on....
Everything was really nice, except for the sandwiches. They had obviously been made well in advance (possibly even the night before) because the bread and the filling were very dry (some commented the bread was stale). I found the egg filling was crusty and dry on the outer edges. But apart from the sandwiches everything else was really enjoyable. I failed to try everything (good excuse to go back perhaps?) And I didn't even get near the chocolate fountain except to take a photo.
Either ways, I had a great time because I had all my wonderful friends and family around me! Thank you all for attending and a big special thank you to Chhay and Prem who are absolutely amazing!


  1. This looks like heaven! You are a lucky gal!

  2. bun in the oven ehehehe the party favours are so awesome!

  3. Hi Cakelaw - I know I'm very very lucky! : )

    Hey Suze - My sister in law is the coolest! Hehehehehe!

  4. Aww what a brilliant idea! Your SIL and friend are so creative and congratulations! A gorgeous celebration :D