Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jello Shots + more

I've never made jello shots before nor have I eaten them. Thank goodness I had Elise to help me out with a reliable recipe.

1 packet of jelly
250ml boiling water
150ml alcohol (I used Malibu with the pineapple jelly and Vodka with the strawberry jelly)
50ml cold water

Open the packet of jelly crystals and pour it into a bowl (or a jug so it's easier to pour into the shot glasses later)
Pour the boiling water over the crystals, stir until dissolved
Mix in the alcohol and the cold water
Pour it into the shot glasses (best to buy the plastic ones so they can be tossed out after one use)

NB - You may want to change measurement of alchol slightly as some people found the vodka ones a little on the strong maybe do 100ml of alcohol and 100ml of cold water instead.

Pineapple and Malibu jelly shots (the favourite of the two)

Strawberyy and Vodka jelly shots

And continuing on for last weeks post (I really need to post more often), here is a snippet of what was available at my husbands party.
Cubes of beef marinating in salt, pepper, garlic, bay leaves and red wine
Skewered and ready to bbq (beef)
Lamb skewers
We cooked 2 skewers for a taste test. Bit overdone but they were lovely once we knew how long to cook it for
Egg and potato salad
Vegetarian stir fried noodles
Grilled vegetable salad
Chicken Wings
My dads creation: Watermelon basket with watermelon and rockmelon balls
He made 2 of these and spent another 30mins carving flowers from carrots! He's the best!


  1. A grogeous spread and your dad is so talented! May I borrow him for my next party hehe? :P

  2. Hi NQN - Thank you! Hahhaha join the waiting list LOL!