Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Transformers Party

For my sons 5th birthday he asked for a transformers theme party. I thought yeah that's cool, I love Transformers, until I realised I had to incorporate it into the games (because normal pass the parcel is apparently for babies). So my DIY attempt was to spray paint a box silver and texta in the symbols to replicate the Allspark Cube from the show.

The Allsparks Cube for pass the parcel.
It'll do for a 5 year olds birthday!!

Filled up with the goodies

There were other games like tug-a-war between the Autobots and the Decepticons and do your remember bullrush as a kid? That, but incorporating Transformers once again with me as Megatron and the kids as the Autobots (thanks Stephie for helping me out as Starscream!).

I found some printable masks online. Here's the Bumblebee one, and this is the Optimus Prime one I used (thanks Hasbro!). I bought a packet of thick A4 paper from Officeworks and printed them off, cut out and stapled some elastic on. Masks done!

And well my parties aren't complete until we've smashed a pinata. This time I used a mutipack chip box and filled it up with lollies, pulled the string through, sealed the opening and then paper mache it. I cut out an Autobot and a Decepticon logo and pasted one on each side.

And the food? Well there was loads of food! But I was too busy to take photos. So the cake will have to do. Although I baked the cake, the credit has to go to my husband. He was the one who cut out the Autobots logo and shaped the cake. He did such a great job too!

Filling it in with white chocolate ganache

I kept the main cake for my son to cut and made mini cupcakes for the kids to just help themselves afterwards. Easier with less mess.

Transformers edible icing toppers

Happy 5th birthday little man!
I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful boy like you.
Love you more than life itself.
Optimus Prime beanie from Jordi's Bundle of Beanies


  1. So adorable!! I love his beanie!

  2. Oh my goodness, your son is too cute in his little beanie! He must have been so happy with his cake, I know I would be!

  3. You're an amazing mum, Brenda!! All the effort you put in - so many happy memories for your kids to look back on!