Friday, April 27, 2012

Banana and Milo Smoothie

I don't think I have dedicated a post to a drink recipe before. This is a first!  I know it seems like a boring predictable smoothie but it is currently my favourite drink at the moment. And thank goodness bananas are back down to $2.50/kg instead of the $14/kg a few months ago!

This came about because I had 2 leftover riped bananas. I had used the other 3 to make banana and walnut cake but was stumped as to what else I could bake with banana. Until I realised I could make a banana smoothie. And why not add some milo for a bit of a chocolate kick but without the guilt. Thus came the banana and milo smoothie.
2 small (or one very large) ripe banana
250ml milk
2 Tablespoons milo
1 tablespoon honey

1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend.
2. Pour it in a tall glass and sprinkle some milo on the top.

 Mmm love that milo crunch on the top. Did you ever scoop milo straight out from the tin and eat it??? Or is that just me.....

 The only straw I had.
You know I think it tastes even better through a loopy straw ;) 


  1. how many servings can this make?

    1. Personally I would drink this all myself so I would say one serving 😁