Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Round 2 Christmas was at our house so that means another 3 recipes to share with you.

First is a very easy trifle recipe. Forget baking the sponge! Or cooking up the custard! Time is of the essence and I had turkey, stuffing, salad, roast pork and potato bake to worry about as well. I really didn't need to add more to my list to do. So yeah, I went with the bought sponge and custard. Come to think of it, I never make custard. The carton stuff I find is always better...hmmmmm could just be my cooking.....anyway, onto the recipe, like this post isn't long-winded enough.....

Easy Peasy Trifle

Packet sponge fingers (or a jam roll would be really yummy too)
2 packets of straweberry jelly
Carton of custard
1 or 2 cans of diced peaches and pears (get whatever fruit you prefer)
600ml cream
Half a block of chocolate

1. Place a single layer of the sponge at the bottom of the bowl

2. Make jelly as per instructions on the box and pour the cooled jelly over the sponge fingers. Place in the fridge to set (around 4 hours or overnight just to get some of it out of the way)
3. After the jelly has set, squirt the custard over it

4. Next goes the fruit
5. Followed by the whipped cream (forgot to photograph both these steps)

6. To finish off, shave/grate chocolate on the top
(We ended up using 2 bars of flake and crumpled them)
Seriously with this dessert, anything goes!

The second recipe is another dessert. Yeah one wasn't enough....(however, the trifle was so easy it doesn't really count)
We decided to make creme caramel because it's one that can be made the day before and it can set in the fridge, again it's all about managing your time on Christmas day isn't it?

I went with this recipe.

Dissolving the sugar and water in saucepan

Getting thicker

After about....13mins boiling you get the caramel.
It's not really a caramel though is it? More a toffee no?

First goes the caramel into your tin (in my case I used a quiche dish)
If you have a flan dish, go with that. And MAKE SURE you check that it fits into one of the trays in the baine marie water bath thingy, not like me. I ended up trying to fit it into a paella pan in the oven. And then found out the paella pan was too large for my oven. All this after I'd put the boiling water in and everything....grrr

Cooking the milk and vanilla

Beat eggs and sugar

Pour the milk mixture into the egg mixture

Strain it into the dish

Bake in a water bath for around 45mins at 160 degrees.
NB: make sure it's only the 45mins because I tested it at that time and it seemed too wobbly so left it in for another 10 or so minutes and found it a little too firm. Especially if you leave it in the fridge to set overnight, 45mins cooking time is best.

The next day.
You can see the custard has shrunk in size and the caramel now comes up over it. YUM!
Although I think I took the caramel (toffee) a little too far this time. Shame on me!

Recipe number 3 is ricotta wrapped with chargrilled vegetables.
I got this recipe from one of the Woolworths magazines.

250g fresh ricotta
1/4 cup finely grated parmesan
1/3 cup grated mozzarella
1 tablespoon finely chopped chives (or basil)
2 tespoons finely grated lemon rind
Salt & pepper
Chargrilled red capsicum
Chargrilled eggplant

1. Combine ricotta, cheeses, chives, lemon, salt and pepper in a bowl.
2. Cut chargrilled capsicum and eggplant into 4cm wide strips.
3. Place 2 teaspoon of cheese mixture onto one end and roll enclosing cheese mixture.
4. Secure with a toothpick and place onto serving platter.

Chargrilling the vegies was the hard part. Suppose you could buy the already chargrilled vegies in the jar.

I ended up marinating mine in extra virgin olive oil and 4 cloves of garlic for a couple of hours

The stuffing mixture

These went down a treat!

So what else did we have for Christmas?

Second hor d'oeurve -
Smoked salmon, mayo and dill on crakers

Roasted sweet potato and pine nut salad

Roast turkey, roast pork (because not everyone in the family likes turkey), ham, potato bake, traditional irish pork stuffing and of course some gravy to help it all down.

Mmm pork crackling, how I love you

That concludes our Christmas celebration lunches for 2011 :)
And by now it is 2012 so happy belated new year! May you be blessed with love, laughter and happiness!!!

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