Monday, October 3, 2011

Siu Mai Cake (FAIL)

To celebrate my brother's 36th birthday I made him a Siu Mai Cake. He loves yum cha and the choice would either have been Chicken Feet or Siu Mai, I decided on the Siu Mai. However it ended up being a FAIL.

The yellow fondant for the outter wrap got stuck and then it cracked....and cracked....and just kept cracking and splitting. Sigh....I had this image in my head, but sadly it didn't turn out how I hoped. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right???

Here's what Sui Mai would look like at Yum Cha (photo courtesy of Cokeworld Citizen)

Here's the assembly:

I made 2 vanilla cakes to give it the right height and proportion

Laying the rolled out yellow fondant down, then the first sponge goes on top

Covering it with buttercream
Then the next sponge on top (no photo)

I crushed some Arnotts Milk Coffee biscuits then mixed this into the buttercream to give it some "pork" pieces
Smothered the biscuit/buttercream mix over the top

And this step is where it all went downhill....
Bringing the fondant up and covering the sides
(and this was considered the good side)

Next was the balls of orange jelly for the fish roe
Ehh, it didn't quite work how I'd planned....but neither did the rest of the cake anyway

Ok, so plan B.
Grab one of those tubes of jelly and snip little pieces off.
Voila! Fish roe!

And there you have my sad attempt at a Siu Mai Cake


  1. You are very hard on yourself - I think this cake looks great, and very much like siu mai. Bet your brother loved it!

  2. You are definitely being way too hard on yourself-when I saw the first pic I thought it was a siu mai! :D

  3. I love the jelly roe, it definitely looks authentic! And the colour of the fondant you used is perfect! Great job!

  4. Aww you're a wonderful sister. Your cake looks so good! :) what does it taste like?