Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Hamburger Cupcakes

This year for Father's Day I decided to make hamburgers, but not just any old hamburger. These are actually cupcakes. And they are dead simple. Especially because I decided to use chocolate biscuits as the patty rather than make a batch of chocolate cupcakes and then having to cut the top off and the bottom off to get the right size patty, thus eliminating all the fuss and wastage too ;)

What you will need:
- A batch of vanilla cupcakes (buns)
- Sesame seeds (on top of the buns)
- Packet of Arnott's Choc Ripple biscuits (meat patty)
- Packet of Strawberry Rollups (tomatoes)
- 250g unsalted butter + 1 cup icing sugar + a splosh of red food gel (tomato sauce)
- Yellow fondant (cheese)
- Shredded coconut + green food gel (lettuce)

Here's what I used

Make your vanilla cupakes using your favourite recipe, remembering to sprinkle the sesame seeds on top

Place a handful of shredded coconut and 2 drops of green gel into a zip-lock bag and give it a good shake around
Strawberry fruit Rollups. From memory they use to be a lot darker in colour.
And I don't remember them having cartoons printed on them. Sheesh marketing these days!

Cut circles out of it to form the "tomatoes"

Time to roll out and cut the "cheese" into little squares

Cut the cupcake lengthwise

Assembly time!

Starting with the bottom "bun"
Followed by the "patty"

And a slice of "cheese"
Put the red (yes mine looks more like pink) buttercream into a zip-lock bag and snip one of the corners off
A squiggle of "tomato sauce"
Topped with slices of "tomatoes"

And of course a pinch of "lettuce"

Finish off with the top "bun"

And there you have a mini hamburger cupcake with a side of fries (you know those French Fries chips from any supermarket)
Nom nom nom


  1. They just gorgeous! I made something similar and they were such a hit with friends and family :)

  2. Hey T - Thank you!

    Hi Clair - You are too kind :)

    Hi Hotly Spiced - Welcome! And thank you!

    Hey Lorraine - They are a lot of fun with family and friends....once they realise it's a cupcake hahaha!