Saturday, March 26, 2011


Do you remember Yogo? Here's a YouTube video for you hermits who don't know, click here. Ahhhh the memories....
Loved the stuff when I was younger and I still get massive cravings till this day. That's why I am so so thankful to Mellebug for giving me this recipe! I can't believe how easy it is to make. And it really is so much like the actual Yogo. So go forth people and try this out if you love Yogo

3 tablespoons cornflour
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 tablespoon sugar (adjust to your taste)
Up to 500ml milk
1. Mix dry ingredients together. Whisk in up to 500ml milk
2. Either cook on the stovetop to just boil/thickens or put in microwave and stir every minute until just boil (don't ignore or you will have a great mess)
3. Pour into containers (makes 4) and set in the fridge. Before putting into lunchbox top with berries
NB: If your child is use to sugary Yogo then you can add more sugar to start with and slowly decrease the amount each time, reducing their 'bliss point'
3 tablespoons cornflour
1 tablespoon cocoa

1 tablespoon sugar

Mix dry ingredients

Whisk in 500ml milk

Cook till it thickens or up to boil

Thick like Yogo....
I would taste it at this point to see if you want to add more sugar or cocoa

Makes up to 4 portions
Before it's chilled

2 hours after it's chilled

It was hard to make this dessert look pretty....I mean it's brown and goopy....and we've packed up our ramekins and nice glass dessert bowls because we are moving soon. But regardless, it's the closest thing you'll get to the real yogo and I'm sure if you poured the real stuff out, it would be just as hard to make it look appealing. My only gripe was after chilling in the fridge, there was this thin film on the top. Probably because I didn't cover it, but otherwise it is a dead ringer for the real thing. So anyone who loves Yogo......make some! Make it now!


  1. Oh this sounds tastier than the actual Yogo! I remember we used to eat it after school :D

  2. haha my other half loves yogo! will be making him a treat tonite!

  3. what an awesome idea. i used to love yogo, and this looks so easy, with much less additives than the commercial stuff

  4. Hi Lorraine - Flashback hey? Ahhhh good memories : )

    Hey Suze - I hope Noods liked it!

    Hi Helen - Yes definitely less additives and really yummy too