Monday, March 14, 2011

Taste of Sydney 2011

A big thank you to Ashley from Stellar* Concepts Australia for organising tickets for me to attend this years Taste of Sydney. And what a line up! I was so pumped to go knowing that I would be able to try so many mouth watering dishes from amazing restaurants such as Berowra Waters Inn, Restaurant Balzac, L'etoile, Aperitif and many more! I might even be able to shake hands with Manu Feildel!!!

We decided to take a walk around first and scope out what was available from all the restaurants. And also see what stalls were here this year.
Gates opened at 12 noon and within half an hour it was already very busy

Very impressed with their selection

I was curious about the De Dietrich appliances (and the macaron tower also caught my eye I must admit) so decided to watch the cooking demonstration by Vincent Gadon from Patisse.
The Macaron tower

Vincent showing us the pre-made tuile

In front is the raspberry mousse
Behind is the raspberry marshmellow
And the finished product! How pretty is it

Then I head straight over to L'etoile to see if Manu would be there. Seemed like everyone else had the same idea...
He's even more personable in real life!
I passed him several times and he was still as energetic and friendly as when I first saw him, dancing, singing, laughing and bouncing all around. He's a right nutter! But a charming one ; )
Ok I'm suppose to be here about the food too....
~Slow cooked shoulder of lamb with smoked potato puree and jus~
It did not come like my excitment of meeting (ok hugging) Manu I'd forgotten to take a photo before I started attacking the lamb!
The lamb was great but for me it was actually the smoked potato puree that made it. Oh if I could sit in front of the telly with a massive bowl of it all to myself on a cold winter night....mmmmm
Last year the saddle of suckling pig with garden peas and smoked bacon jus was my favourite dish so I had to come back and try something else from Restaurant Balzac. And since it was on the menu again, I instead went for the Crisp Wagyu Beef with Wild Mushroom and Truffle Foam.
Although it was presented differently to how I imagined, that is I wasn't expecting a 'spring roll' as such, but don't let the look deceive you..... this satisfied the tastebuds. Indeed crispy yet delicate and the beef was so so good. I would swim in that truffle foam if I could! Definitely my favourite dish of the day.
Oh Mr Kemp you have won my vote 2 years in a row now!

From Berowra Waters Inn & Ad Lib Bistro
~Slow cooked fillet of ocean trout, 'French Onion Soup' puree, peppered oxtail 'Croustillant'~
An interesting mix of ingredients. The ocean trout melted in the mouth and the French onion soup puree paired with the oxtail croustillant was lovely together. But the trout and soup and croustillant together.....don't get me wrong it wasn't just wasn't for me. But I can appreciate it if I had them as a separate dish.

Having a break between mains and dessert we went for another stroll. I was eager to check out Planet Cakes but unfortunately they weren't holding any decorating demonstrations this year and the stall looked rather empty. Perhaps they ran out of things on the last day. On the plus side, I found a stall (Moraitis Tomatoes) that sells the most amazing tomatoes. Imagine going ape over tomatoes. Trust me, they were that good. I'm kicking myself for not buying any before I left.

Ok on to dessert!!
~ Amedei milk chocolate mousse with salted caramel and fresh berries~
Now THIS is my type of dessert! It was light, smooth, velvety and well there just wasn't enough : ) I couldn't taste the salted caramel come to think of it....but it didn't matter, this was bliss.
~Raspberry bavarrois~
A very delicate dessert that was fresh and summery. Perfect for the day we had with all that sunshine

From Aperitif
~Churros con chocolate~
You know my weakness is anything doughy and deep fried. So I couldn't go past the churros.
And these were gorgeous. So fresh and oh the dark chocolate melt had that lovely bitter aftertaste that I love. Could have done with more sugar coated around them...but being my 3rd dessert my tastebuds had probably become immune to sweetness

I always enjoy the Taste of Sydney event. Having 2 young children means that I don't have the opportunity to experience fine dining, but with the renowned restaurants/chefs coming together and making their dishes available to people like me all in one open area, is just fantastic. I love that I can try their food they have created without all the fuss of having to dress up or remembering my table etiquette. A really relaxing and fun foodie experience : )


  1. Ah, I think Manu makes many a girl forget about photographing her lamb.... :D

  2. you did some serious eating this year. well done! :-) i totally missed the The Macaron tower :-(

  3. Hi Tina - Hahahah!! Ain't that the truth!! ; )

    Hey Simon - OMG my post does not even come close to the one you did on the Taste festival! I am checking out your one next year FIRST before I go LOL!