Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ribs & Rumps (Sydney Olympic Park)

We went to Ribs & Rumps for our Christmas Eve dinner. Oh how glorious was the food! In hindsight though, maybe not such a smart idea to eat such a full wholesome meal the day before Christmas haha! Still, I totally enjoyed it and can't wait to go back again.

My choice was the 1kg rack of lamb ribs ($34.95)
The menu had in brackets, these ribs are not lean. That was how I decided on the lamb ribs rather than the beef or pork.....if you are going to go out, you may as well go ALL out. These were awesome!

Ribs & Rump Combo ($40.95)
Surf & Turf ($39.95)

Fish and Chips from the kids menu ($10)
Comes with soft drink and 2 scoops of ice cream for dessert
Great value and the serving was big for a kid

Dessert selection

My choice was the chocolate cake (Menu said desserts were from $10.95). It doesn't look big in this photo but believe me it was huge! The size of my hand, huge!
Lemon tart (Menu said desserts were from $10.95)
Nothing too outstanding

Raspberry tart (Menu said desserts were from $10.95)
This was lovely


  1. not lean hahaha that would totally make me go for the lamb too!

  2. it's good to know there's a ribs and rump out there. i haven't tried the ribs for ages from there and have heard they might even be better than the hurricanes ribs :-)

  3. Hey Suze - Beastie aren't I? ; )

    Hey Simon - Ooooooo better than Hurricanes? I must go try it and compare

  4. The ribs and the steak both have me - YUM!

  5. Glllaaaaggghhh! YUM!
    I'm going to have to try this place out!

  6. Hi Cakelaw - Hehehehe....yes all that meat!

    Hi Elise - OMG you would LOVE this place!

  7. Oh what a positive display of comments and magazine style photos, I wonder if Brenda was eating her food or was trying to take the photos of all the items offered by this lousy restaurant.

    I have tried this restaurant and the food served to me was not at all impressive. I will not go to this restaurant again. There was a restaurant under the same name in Gordon which closed down, I do not know if this restaurant was also run by the same management.