Friday, December 4, 2009

Roast Pork Rack

I think after this post I've covered all the common roasts. I do love my roast meats. This one here is a roast pork rack. Really beautiful and look at the so bad...but so soooooo good : )

No recipe for this as there wasn't much to it. I'll talk you through the pictures though.

The underside of the rack
(I think this slab was about 1.5-2kg)

Score the pork skin and pour hot boiling water over it

Blot it all dry with paper towels (make sure you dry the skin particularly well so it crackles better). Drizzle oil and sprinkle loads of salt and some pepper over it. Rub it in really well (try to get some salt into the scored skin right into the cut creases)

Roast for about 1 hour 15mins at 180C and then turn it up to 220C for about 20mins to get the crackle really crunchy.
The skin started to slide off to the back right for some reason but it didn't matter. That crackling was to die for!

All chopped up

Helloooooooo lover!

Please excuse my plating skills....any chef who ever saw me plate up would have a heart attack


  1. OH WOW. AWESOME RESULT! when i cooked my first pork crackling i didn't pat it dry which was my big mistake. i won't get it wrong next time i hope. finger crossed :-) your crackling looks so yummy!

  2. Hi Simon - Pork crackling the first time is so tricky, I think this is about my 5th time now....I've come a LONG way hahaha!

  3. Yum... look at the pork crackling! Woah! So bad, but SO good :) hehe

  4. niiiiice crackling! oh man! that looks soooo good!

  5. This looks fabulous Bren! Forget the plating - it's what it tastes like that counts :)

  6. That looks so amazing! Look at that gorgeous, puffy crackling! :D

  7. Gosh, I am HUNGRY TOO!!!! Look at the crackling!! I want some too :)

  8. Hi Betty - I could not agree more hahaha!

    Hi Suze - Thank you! I didn't quite sit infront of the oven like you that time LOL!

    Hey cakelaw - You make me feel all better : )

    Hi NQN - Thank you!

    Hey Ellie - Hahaha about time I make YOU hungry....your food always has me salivating!