Friday, May 1, 2009

Banana Cake

I had 3 over riped bananas and the only thing you can do with over riped bananas is to make a cake. I don't have the recipe for this because I looked it up on my laptop and after I was done baking, shut the lappy down and walked off. Too bad, this cake turned out pretty well too.

Here are the ingredients:

And here was the end result. Mmmmm it was good.

We couldn't finish all of it so I gave some to my dad and he ended up making a Bomb Alaska with the left over banana cake. I should have taken photos! He first cut up the banana cake into a dome shape, then layered ice cream over it, layered beaten egg whites over it so it looked like a massive meringue (making sure to leave a little hole at the top to put a small saucer full of brandy to light up...yeah flames!!). Then he popped it into the oven for about 5mins on the highest setting. Once done, he took it out, put the little saucer up the top and tried to light didn't work. I think he should have used metholated spirits, that would definitely have worked. So yep, next time I'll get the flames. For now this was his inspiration when we were in Macau (to give you a rough idea of what the heck I'm on about)

Oh and this was Keane enjoying his slice...I laugh everytime I see this picture


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  2. Thank you Mr Lee, I just went on to your blog....your work is amazing!! I shall post a comment on there shortly.