Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr Dduckbocki Miss Kkochi

Do you know my obsession with deep friend doughey goodness? Well yeah it's something I'm not proud of, but it is my weakness. And to make it even better....shove it on a stick! Mmmmmmm oh how I love you Pluto Pup/Dagwood Dog and who does it best? The Koreans with their panko breadcrumbs......


I enjoy these a little too much. And unfortunately I live rather close and do succumb to them quite often. Ohhhhh but they are sooooooooo good! And there is a range of other stick foods on offer too. There are the spicy rice cakes, plain frankfurt, dim sum, gyoza, and heaps more.

Perfect for a late night snack. Make a selection through the viewing window and off you go

The Boulevarde, Stathfield

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  1. Oh that would be very dangerous to live close to. I wouldn't mind a gyoza to go every now and then though!