Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Eat Me" Cookies (Inspired by Alice In Wonderland)

I have this friend Steph.....well she's more than just a friend. She's my confidant, my advisor, tech/IT/FB support, shoulder to cry on, mothers group buddy, basically she's my go to girl. If I need something, she's there in a heartbeat. Maybe not always in person because we don't live that close to each other anymore....but she's just a phone call away.

So Steph was turning 30 and had invited me to her Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party and I had promised to make her a giant cupcake (which turned out to be a bit of a fail because it went all droopy on me - photo proof will be at the end of this post). Luckily I also decided to make cookies, of course Alice in Wonderland inspired ones that say "Eat me" or "Try me" he he he.

You can find the recipe here. Yes it's another Martha Stewart one....she's awesome!

The flour mixture
Creaming butter and sugar

Add the flour mixture into butter and sugar and watch it transform

Mix mix....

Until it forms a dough

Whoops forgot to take photos before I baked
Oh are the baked photos

Royal icing in snap lock bags

Pipe the edges first and allow them to dry (around 30mins)

With the remaining icing, mix a tiny bit of water in it but make sure it is still stiff and not runny! Very important as I found out (takes twice as long to dry and also creates air bubbles)
Spoon the icing onto the cookies (the dried edges works as a barrier to stop the icing running over the side). Again allow to dry

Using white icing, pipe your words

And the party.....Steph and Carlos did such a fabulous job! Look at the decorations!

The bar area....mmmmm loved the Strawberry Martini

Oh and as is my melting giant cupcake.....traggic isn't it?

Happy 30th birthday Steph!
Thanks for being such an awesome friend : )


  1. naw melting cake im sure it still tasted good tho! that bar area is making me thirsty :P

  2. These are adorable! I've said it before but you have very lucky friends.

  3. Nothing was tragic about the taste. I even got to eat the left overs straight out of the container with a spoon...HAHAHA.

    You my dear are so beautiful and completely spoilt me. I love you so much and we must have cocktails again!!

    Big love Always Steph

  4. Hi Suze - Thanks! My friend enjoyed the cake so that's all that matters ; )

    Hi Claire - Awww thank you! I'm blessed to have friends who are brave enough to try my food LOL!!!!

    Hey Stephy - Love you!!!

  5. Love these! Might use the idea for MS play refreshments!