Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zhong Shan restuarant

As promised here are some photos of the food we had at Zhong Shan, China.

First up was steamed clams with a soy dipping sauce - This obviously was pretty bland but I think the whole point was to enjoy the natural flavours of the clam. I didn't have many seen as there were other dishes on offer which were a lot tastier.

Like this one. Still the clams but it was cooked with a spicy sauce - so good I wanted to eat the whole dish but had to share
Steamed scollaps with garlic sauce on a bed of vermicelli - this was very good
Special Soya Sauce Chicken - moist and tasty

Steamed whole fish - can't remember the name of the fish but again this was very nice too. Perfectly cooked with simple flavours

Steamed Crabs - Ok, but again it was very bland because there was no sauce to go with the crabs. And I don't really enjoy "natural" flavours haha

The other dish you can see behind the crabs was fried crumbed fish. I also don't know the name of this fish but it looked like a big version of white bait and it was terrible! When we first bit into it we thought the fish was still raw because it had this soft jelly like texture to it. But my cousin told me that's how it's meant to be after it's cooked. I just couldn't stomach it. We also had a plate of vegetables and noodles and boiled rice (not really worth taking photos of it).
You'll have to endure some more posts on my China trip because my PC is down and I can't downsize or upload new photos. I will share my photos of minestrone soup, soy & honey chicken breast and roast beef with yorkshire puddings soon.

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  1. Looks delicious! I love the sauces with Chinese food so whilst I love natural flavours, I'm always looking forward to all of the delicious sauces with Chinese food!