Thursday, June 25, 2009

White Wings Vanilla Cupcakes

I don't know anyone apart from my brother who doesn't like cupcakes. I think they are the perfect sweet to eat. They are individual mini cakes....perfect size, you can eat them with one hand (whilst blogging/facebooking/twitting with the other), come in so many varieties, etc. So it came as a surprise when he said he liked these. And from a box too.

The secret was to take them out a little sooner than the suggested cooking time. This made it more moist and just that little bit softer. Loved them...I could have eaten 4 in one sitting but I stopped at 2. The only thing about it was they didn't provide enough icing mix.

And judging by this photo, I think Keane loved it too. People say he's got my big mouth....hmmmm

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