Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

When a very close friend of mine asked me what she could bake for the Biggest Morning Tea (whilst keeping in mind that it had to be easy and fool-proof because she hasn't made desserts before) I directed her to this chocolate brownie recipe. It had pictorial instructions which are always very helpful and it seemed like a simple enough recipe anyway. Oh how wrong I can be.....but not to despair, there is a happy ending.....

I can't remember the last time I made a chocolate brownie. I've made brownie cupcakes in the past, but not an actual brownie as such. And looking in my pantry I already had the ingredients so thought I'd give it a go, just in case you know.

150g of Butter
300g Dark Chocolate
I only had a 250g block of dark chocolate so made up the 50g with milk chocolate 

Melting chocolate using double boiler method

 1 1/2 cups of Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla Essense
3 eggs
1 cup Macadamia Nuts
Go in a bowl
(continue to check on the melting chocolate and stir occasionally)

3/4 cup of Plain Flour Sifted in

Mix it really well with wooden spoon

By now the chocolate should be melted

Pour the melted chocolate into the flour mixture 

Stir until well combined

Pour into a greased and lined fudge tin

Cover with foil and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 55mins

When done

So here's the thing, I baked this at around 1pm, allowed it to cool and carted it over to my parents house to eat after dinner. I had such high high hopes that this would be fantastic. And I had a lot riding on it because I told my friend this would be fool-proof and perfect for a beginner baker. Thought it would be so good that I would share it amongst my family and they would all be in awe. Boy was a wrong. Seriously wrong. It was dry. It was crumbly. It was not chocolate fudge brownie as I knew it. My heart sank. To think I suggested this recipe to my friend who thought I was a decent enough cook to ask me for advice. And then for her to bake this and take it to work for a charity event and it sucked?! But I did say there was a happy ending right? Read on......I took my leftover brownie home that night (and sure there was a lot left). I wouldn't throw it in the bin because I hate to waste things. Thought I'd have it with ice cream the next day so it wouldn't be as dry. Everything is better with ice cream.

The next day I was doing some work when I thought I could do with a chocolate break and remembered the brownie. Hmmm should I? It can't be any worse than it was yesterday. So I cut myself a little slither and took a bite. No way! The fudge brownie fairy came overnight and worked her magic and turned my dry, crumbly thing into....what....an actual chocolate brownie??

I couldn't stop at one slice. Not even 2 or 3 or 4. I just kept eating it. I had my Miranda moment from Sex and the City. You remember that episode where she wouldn't fork out for an expensive chocolate cake but instead made her own one? The cake she threw in the bin to try stop herself eating anymore, only to open the lid and eat it straight out of the bin! Hahaha! Yeah....that was me....except I didn't throw mine in the bin. I walked out of the kitchen several times only to come back and pick at it some more, until there was all but one piece left. Damn it was good!

I don't know what happened. But for some reason overnight, it made it right. Perhaps I cut it up too soon? Do brownies need to be made the night before? Well either ways I know now that this recipe does work and will be making it again. Mmmmm could do with some brownie right about now.

Oh, and my friends brownie for the Biggest Morning Tea, turned out to be a major hit!
I love happy endings ;)

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