Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Cabonara with Peas

By golly I do love this creamy pasta by Jamie Oliver.
It's a basic pasta sauce, nothing fancy, nothing hard.....which makes it one of my favourites.
You can find the full recipe here on his website. However I altered mine slightly and I also ate it with a massive iron deficiency for me! LOL!

The main ingredients
500g pasta
4 rashers of bacon (smoked bacon or pancetta would be better)
Handfull or 2 of Frozen peas
100ml double cream
And loads of parmesan (I love the extra parmesan)
After cooking your pasta, make sure you use around 4 tablespoons of the pasta water to mix in with the parmesan. This will be your sauce

Toss toss

Double cream

Served with a side of steak ; )
Because I'm beastie and there is no other word for it


  1. Nice and quick, a brilliant time saver. Love bacon.

  2. Whoah now that's what I call a meal! Yep we definitely need lots of iron!