Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speedy Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

You can't run a Chinese take away shop without having this soup on the menu. It's up there with fried rice, sweet and sour pork or mongolian lamb. All altered to suit the Western palate. But I do admit, I love some nasty Chinese take away every now and again. So why not make it at home?

This recipe is only speedy because you use already prepared chicken stock (maybe leftover from another recipe or maybe use the ones from the carton). Obviously if you cook the chicken bones yourself it's heaps better, but we are talking speedy today....
500ml chicken stock
1/2 can of creamed corn
1 egg
Handful of diced or sliced chicken, whatever you prefer (You can use as much or as little chicken as you like as this is not to flavour the soup)
salt and pepper to taste
Shallots or spring onions for garnish
Heat up the chicken stock

Add the chicken and boil for 5mins then add the creamed corn

Crack an egg into a bowl but do not beat it, just break the yolk

Pour the egg into the hot soup and stir gently....and I stress REALLY gently as you want the egg to form into cooked ribbons. See below photo.
Add salt and pepper to taste (although you may not need any if you are using the stock from the carton as that is pretty salty already)

Pour it into a bowl and garnish with shallots

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