Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jas My Waffles

My family informed me of Jas My Waffles saying "You HAVE to go. It's soooooo good". And they are right. It is that good. Particularly the churros. These cured all my cravings for anything doughy, deep fried and coated in cinnamon and sugar. Being out in Rooty Hill though was a bit further than I'd like to go. Maybe just as well because my stomach and waistline would never forgive me.

We ordered the Jas my Favourites Platter which comes with 5 waffles to go, 4 churros and 1 sauce ($18)

These are part of the platter.
From left to right: Caramel, pistachio, honeycomb, don't remember the one on the far right.
For our fifth one I chose the hot dog waffle to go and it's basically like a pluto pup, but instead of the cornflour batter, it's a waffle. Sounds gross? I quite enjoyed it. Forgot to take a photo though.

Regular waffles with cream and maple syrup (about $7, it was on the board but not on the menu)

Waffles with berries and strawberry ice cream (about $8, it was on the board but not on the menu)

Waffle to go with cream and maple syrup ($2.50)

Do you know of any other churros place worth trying? There use to be one upstairs in Market City near the foodcourt that I would frequent, but it's been closed down for a long time now. I've also tried the "healthy version" one at wowcow (Darlinghurst), needless to say it was not that good. Then there are the ones from the Easter Show which aren't that common anymore either. I had some pretty good ones at El Bulli, but I wouldn't go to such a restaurant just for churros. So anyone with suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Yum!! I love the look of the waffle platter! Oh, but Rooty Hill is so far! Hehe... Have you tried San Churros in Glebe? It's not too bad... I've only been once though!

  2. I read about Jas My Waffles on kath's A Cupcake or two blog and was fascinated by it. There's of course chocolateria san churro which are nice and fresh and El Toro Loco were giving out free churros at TOS and they were really good (but again that's a restaurant)/

  3. Bren, what are you trying to do to me?!? They all look amazing.
    So my suggestion is Chocolateria San Churro in Glebe. Oh yes please.
    Here's their site:

  4. Bren! D: LOLOL
    The pics looks so good. I really want to go to this place. Argh I need a bloody car! Is there another place that's close to our area? :)

  5. Now I just want waffles for dinner - sad, isn't it.

  6. Hey all - San Churro's you guys say huh? Better give that a try, seems very popular. I heard there is one in Parra.....little easier for me to get to....must check it out for sure! Thanks guys!!!!